Looking for a book?

Smith Family Bookstore has over 500,000 used, new, and out-of-print books organized in hundreds of sections at the Willamette store. We also have thousands of used books, including textbooks, rare, and out-of-print books online at Abebooks.com.

Search online. About 10% of Smith Family Bookstore’s out-of-print, rare, and academic inventory and 100% of the store’s used textbook inventory is listed on Abebooks. com.

Online listings are only a small part of our store’s huge inventory. The majority of our books are only available at our Willamette store.

Note: Temporarily, online searches should search both links below to fully access textbooks and other online books. Use these links to learn more about our Abebooks.com collections and how to order online:

Textbooks. We sell used textbooks online at Abebooks.com. Our textbooks are often priced lower than other online sellers, and we only sell used texts in good condition. We often sell out of used textbooks because of our lower prices, and we encourage students to search early each term. Please use the links above to search for used textbooks in our inventory. These textbooks are not available at the Willamette store but can be ordered and delivered through Abebooks or placed on hold for purchase and pick up at our store.