Smith Family Bookstore has been buying and selling used textbooks since 1974. We buy texts all year at our store at 525 Willamette Street. We offer a good option for students who want to sell their books to a local bookstore with reliable customer service. We are confident the prices we pay for used textbooks are fair according to the market information we use and our business needs and goals. We understand the frustration students feel because texts are expensive and often have limited demand. These are not factors we can control. We encourage students to check all their options. We are grateful to the academic community who has supported our local business for decades.


  1. We buy textbooks all year
  2. We pay cash for textbooks (no trade or credit)
  3. Current student identification is required. Passports, photocopied identification, out-of-state identification, or expired Oregon ID are not accepted.
  4. We do not pay a set percentage for textbooks. The price we offer is based on many factors, including the current retail value, how often the book is used both locally and nationally, our own inventory, the book’s condition, and whether future revisions or editions are pending.
  5. Bring your texts to our store to find out how much they are worth. Students may drop in with texts or make an appointment (recommended). We do not quote prices or give estimates over the phone. We need to check the condition of each textbook and review online information before deciding whether we will buy textbooks and how much we will pay.
  6. Don’t wait too long. Textbooks never increase in value over time. The longer you wait, the more likely the book will be revised or will lose its buyback value.


Begin the process early.   Our textbooks usually cost less than elsewhere, and they sell quickly. We encourage students to start looking for textbooks as soon as reading lists are available. Students can find novels, poetry, plays, and many secondary readings on our shelves at the Willamette Street store. All other textbooks that we sell are listed on (use links below).