Smith Family Bookstore supports many local fundraisers all year long. We are happy to donate gift certificates for silent auctions, raffles, or other fundraising projects. We also donate hundreds of books to various groups who need help stocking libraries and book lending programs. We offer discounts to schools and teachers as part of our commitment to education. Our community giving philosophy has a simple principle at its heart: we give small amounts to as many good causes that we can and hope that these modest contributions become part of a bigger solution.

Our fundraiser criteria:

  • Local groups and programs are our priority. We do not make cash donations to national organizations nor do we fund large-scale events.
  • We are happy to give gift certificates to public school fundraisers and local community service groups who do not have religious affiliations. We are especially interested in education, literacy, writing and reading programs, and diversity promotion.
  • We do not respond to phone solicitations. Please contact us by email or letter.
  • Please make your request at least 30 days before your event. Any request with a more limited timeline stands almost no chance of getting a positive response.
  • Make sure your request includes a contact name, email or phone number, a clear explanation of who you represent, your event’s goals, and the deadline to receive a donation.

If your group or fundraiser matches the above criteria, please contact us for donations.