We are buying limited books by appointment only. Please read the following guidelines about selling books:

  1. We are only buying books in very good condition (no soiling, stains, tears, markings, stickers). Please examine your books carefully and do not bring books that require cleaning or repairs.
  2. Bring your books in clean bags or clean boxes
  3. Plan to drop off your books during your scheduled appointment
  4. Depending on the quantity and type of books you are selling, we may ask you to leave the books for 24 hours.
  5. Current identification required from all sellers. Textbooks will require valid student identification or proof of current or previous enrollment.

We buy good books all year and are happy to look at one book or many boxes at a time. We buy in-print and out-of-print books in all subjects, including popular titles, textbooks, academic subjects, best sellers, rare/vintage, hardback, paperback, children’s, art, and music. Our buyers are always interested in quality books for people of all ages and interests to read, use, or collect.

If you have a very large collection of unique, interesting, academic, or out-of-print/rare books in good condition, we encourage you to contact us to discuss options for selling your books. However, due to Covid concerns, we are not able to schedule in-house buying visits at this time.


  1. We do not use a percentage system for buying books. Our buyers decide what books our stores need and value books according to our supply and demand. We are confident we pay fairly based on our inventory needs and current market values for used books.
  2. We only pay cash for books. We do not trade or offer credit.
  3. Sellers need to show valid identification. The buyers will record your driver’s license or state ID on a signed receipt to create a transaction record. Photocopied ID is not accepted.
  4. Books must be in good condition.
 We do not buy books that require repair or are marked up, dirty, damaged, or stained. Inside names, inscriptions, and book plates are usually fine. We will consider textbooks with limited stickers, notes, or highlighting. Books that have been stored should be unpacked and inspected. We will not look at books with tobacco/cannabis/vape odors, mildew, pet hair, moisture damage, missing or torn pages, or library markings.

We never buy:

  • Books that are dirty, damaged, or with strong odors
  • Out-dated editions of textbooks
  • Christian ministry publications
  • Mass market romances
  • Reader’s Digest condensed books
  • Books purchased online, from thrift stores, or garage sales that are in fair/poor condition
  • Numbered sets with missing volumes
  • Books from Little Free Libraries

Some subjects become out-dated very fast. If you are selling business, health, computer, or travel books, check the copyright date. If a book in these subjects is more than five years old, it is probably out-dated. We always buy current books in these subjects, but not older editions.

In the end, use common sense. If you are unsure, let our buyers decide. We are always looking for more good books.

Textbook Buyback

We have been buying and selling used textbooks since 1974. Our buyers use several online tools to set prices based on current demand at area schools, wholesale prices, and our own store’s needs and interests. We offer competitive prices on all current edition textbooks in good condition. We do not buy textbooks that are damaged or out-dated. In general, it is always worth checking our buyback prices before selling textbooks to online sellers or pop-up buyers.

Current student or faculty ID and a valid driver’s license are required for textbook buyback. Exceptions are some times made for people who graduated or who moved here from other areas. Please call us if you have any questions about textbook buyback or ID requirements.